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Employees Resisting Return to Office?

Mandates rarely work.  Our mobile app empowers people to create the best working arrangements for themselves while balancing the needs of their employers.

Let us show you how this innovative approach has helped other organization drive significantly better engagement with their people.

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Empower people to create the best working arrangements 

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Maximize employee flexibility productivity & engagement.

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workeq product outperform orchestration

Provide flexibility and work-life balance

App proactively encourages everyone to share plans for ideal days and suggests times to connect with teammates.

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Maximize the shared time in-office

App coordinates quality in-office time organically. Employees schedule time together as needed to maximize productivity and results.

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Create connections naturally 

Via our proprietary algorithms we create natural connections within and across teams -  like bumping into someone at the coffee bar.

Our command center helps HR and business leaders manage hybrid work programs

Analyze the data and determine which days work best in the office for which teams.  Track how flexibility impacts in-office vs. remote days.

workeq home optimize empower employees

Suggest in-office days by team or function


workeq home optimize reduce hr burden

Gain instant visibility into people’s schedules


workeq home optimize manager insights

Measure success, adapt the program

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See how WorkEQ can foster a natural return to the office

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