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Join the Movement. Make Mentoring Matter.

WorkEQ is on a mission to keep your employees safe, productive, engaged - and happy! The new WorkEQ mentee-driven mentoring app puts the power of mentoring in the hands of your employees to:
  • Discover mentors
  • See how their interests match-up
  • Set schedules & proactively engage with other employees and leaders

With WorkEQ, you can launch your first employee-led mentoring program your employees will love - all without the heavy lifting.


Get your Make Mentoring Matter Welcome Kit and we'll help you set up your mentoring program!

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How Our Mentoring Experience Works


Step 1

Your WorkEQ customer success team will set up the Mentoring app for you.


Step 2

You choose either 6-10 team members to participate OR we can invite all employees.


Step 3

WorkEQ will survey participants and share the feedback with you and your leadership.

Let us help you energize mentoring for your organization

After three weeks with the WorkEQ Mentoring & Coaching program, you will get insights on how mentoring is going in your organization.

  • Do your employees feel engaged?
  • Has WorkEQ Mentoring impacted your workplace experience and if so, how?
  • What are the critical factors and metrics to track to ensure a meaningful Mentorship experience?

We will make it fun and engaging along the way for you and your employees with free lunches, swag and a virtual team lunch at the end of the program.

Sign up to start your mentoring program and get your Make Mentoring Matter Welcome Kit!

Let WorkEQ set up your mentoring program - get your Make Mentoring Matter Welcome Kit