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Program Maturity Level: Synchronized

Based on your answers, your organization's maturity level is at Level 3, Synchronized. Review your results and your positioning on the Maturity Model Matrix below to identify your characteristics, risks, and the suggested action plan to achieve in the future state.

Program Characteristics

  • Workplace flexibility and hybrid work policies and procedures are managed and measured
  • Using systems and automation for continuous process improvement
  • Health and safety policies and procedures are managed and measured
  • Analytics and reporting are used for optimization
  • Full employee communications transparency
  • Utilizing sentiment surveys as a tool to optimize employee engagement and productivity. Checking in regularly.
  • High levels of training and awareness
  • Everyone is participating in creating a great work environment
  • Dedicated Future of Work program role
  • Preventing incidents before they occur

Program Risks

  • There is reduced risk of employee attrition because they feel engaged and valued but organizations should do a pulse check periodically to stay ahead of changing sentiment.
  • There is a reduced risk of productivity loss because the team is consistently adapting and measuring outcomes to optimize their system.
  • Be vigilant and track changes in COVID levels in the community to prevent outbreaks at the workplace

Create Your Action Plan

Congratulations, you have created a strong hybrid program! One that is healthy, flexible, and supportive of employee engagement.

While your organization has a strong program, the Maturity Model is not a one-time exercise. The definition of a flexible, healthy and engaged workforce is ever-evolving. Pay close attention to trends and insights that shift the landscape and reassess your workplace positioning on a regular basis. Access our resources to reinforce and shape your hybrid work model.

ReturnSafe uses the full matrix below to plan how organizations should develop their maturity levels along the way and determine the next best course of action to achieve measurable success with workplace initiatives. 

Get insights and checklists to create a successful hybrid work experience.
Know the workforce sentiment on return-to-work-strategies and the future of a healthy and safe workplace
Enable a future-ready workforce and drive your business forward with a synchronized hybrid experience program



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