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Program Maturity Level: Programmatic

Based on your answers, your organization's maturity level is at Level 2, Programmatic. Review your results and your positioning on the Maturity Model Matrix below to identify your program strengths, areas for improvement and the suggested action plan to achieve the next level. 

Program Characteristics

  • Health and safety policies and procedures are documented
  • Workplace flexibility and hybrid work policies are documented
  • Reactively containing an incident vs. an ad hoc response
  • Policies are not easily accessible to employees
  • Basic tracking of employee engagement and productivity
  • Resources assigned to create policies and procedures
  • Base level of employee sentiment understanding

Program Risks

  • Employee does not feel they are a part of workplace initiatives, and therefore is less engaged
  • Potential loss of employees due to frustration with their current system
  • Reduced productivity due to employee concerns and confusion about the workplace policies
  • Inconsistently applied health safety policies can lead to moderate risk of an outbreak
  • Improve consistency of employee communications

Create Your Action Plan

Once you have evaluated your organization's positioning on the maturity model, take action steps to start building a synchronized program.

Use the full matrix below to help your organization see the path forward to a productive, healthy, and flexible hybrid work model. 

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