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Program Maturity Level : Ad-Hoc

Based on your answers, your organization's maturity level is at Level 1, Ad-Hoc. Review your results and your positioning on our Maturity Model Matrix below to identify your program strengths, areas for improvement and the suggested action plan to achieve the next level. 

Program Characteristics

  • Limited education or dedicated resources for hybrid and remote work options
  • No dedicated resource to create and evolve the future of work program
  • Employees find it difficult to communicate concerns or confusions
  • Health and safety policies and processes are not clearly documented
  • Reactive response to incidents
  • Accept that unplanned incidents happen

Program Risks

  • Reduced productivity and employee engagement
  • Potential brand reputation impact
  • Employee attrition due to reduced confidence in workplace safety
  • Absenteeism due to COVID cases
  • Costly and disruptive outbreaks in the workplace

Create Your Action Plan

Once you have evaluated your organization's positioning on the maturity model, take action steps to start building a programmatic approach.

Use the full matrix below to help your organization see the path forward to a productive, healthy, and flexible hybrid work model. 

Get out of spreadsheets and automate policy and tracking with technology
Get insights and checklists to create a successful hybrid work program. 



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