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Employee Experience Platform

How it Works

We empower and engage employees with tools that drive the best outcomes for them and your business. 

Attract & Retain Top Talent with a Culture of Engagement 

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  • Encourage return to the office
  • Foster employee connections
  • Deliver a low overhead mentor program


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Hybrid Work Orchestration

Empower employees to set and manage their own schedules, book a desk or workspace near other colleagues, and increase quality face-to-face time in the office.

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Employee Engagement

Help employees coordinate and collaborate. Initiate employee engagement outside of “work”. Promote team building and develop new leaders.

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Foster Mentoring & Coaching

Create a sustainable mentoring and coaching experience with low overhead.   WorkEQ makes it easy to enable people to help each other develop. 


For HR and Managers

No more spreadsheets:

  • Develop, manage, and communicate a clear policy for individuals, teams, and at the enterprise level
  • Create goals and set KPIs for the hybrid guidelines
  • Orchestrate working arrangements
  • Set anchor days

  • Foster team coordination for better face to face collaboration

  • Tools to establish working arrangements at scale

  • Visibility into individual and team schedules

  • Set and measure program metrics

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For Employees

Make trips to the office productive:

  • Initiate and optimize face to face collaboration among teammates
  • Enable natural engagement throughout the company
  • Encourage office visits based upon team availability and schedules
  • Foster coaching and mentoring

  • Transparency and situational awareness


For Employees

Help employees coordinate and collaborate. Initiate employee engagement outside of “work”. Promote team building and develop new leaders.

  • Empower: Create preference-based connections for employees and enable natural relationships across departments
  • Network: Build live social networks naturally by finding out who is open to a working lunch, happy hours, game nights, etc.
  • Leadership: Identify and align potential mentors and mentees using policy, location, and goals
  • Iterate: Track ongoing interactions between employees to give HR insights into the program
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Case Management and Crisis Notifications

Follow ongoing health trends in your employees’ locations. Craft and manage messages to your entire employee network during a crisis.

  • Proactive Program: Provide a health and safety program to address unforeseen crises and share anonymous details regarding health status in and outside of the office
  • Case Management: Track and maintain data-driven health policies for COVID or other disease state cases for compliance and continuity
  • Crisis Management: Quickly identify impacted employees and teams in specific areas
  • Crisis Notifications: Send mass notifications to impacted employees and monitor ongoing situations that may require notifying employees


The Employee Experience Platform

Increase productivity, flexibility, and engagement

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Companies that get the hybrid experience right will outperform their peers. 

Business value of WorkEQ

Make the future of work happen for your organization today. We'll help tailor your workplace programs for a more resilient and happier workforce.


High employee satisfaction


Minimal business disruption


Compliance with regulations


Improved engagement and productivity


Become a Future of Work brand

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