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Foster a Connected Workplace. Nurture Employee Engagement

Connection shouldn’t be forced upon anyone. But it can be encouraged through small acts of reaching out.  Every connection creates a tighter bond between employees and their workplace.

WorkEQ's mobile app empowers employees to drive workplace engagement through suggesting preference-based, natural relationships within their team, across projects and throughout the organization.  Learn More

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Connect & Engage for a Happier Workplace

Watch this 45 second video

Help employees connect naturally for lunch, games, and career growth. 

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Empower your employees to initiate engagement.

Who is open to being a mentor, having a career chat, going to lunch or starting a game night?

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Enable Coordination and Collaboration

See who is coming into the office to maximize quality face-time and increase productivity.

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Create New Networks  

Create connections based upon individual employee interests and preferences.

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Identify Coaches and Build New Leaders  

Align potential leaders and mentors with employees using interests, goals, and location.

Our command center helps HR and business leaders manage hybrid work programs

Analyze the data and determine which engagement strategies are working. Track insights and interactions to monitor program goals and progress.

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Set anchor days to foster coordination


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See connections build across the organization

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Measure success, use insights to improve

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Empower, connect, and engage employees with tools that drive the best outcomes for everyone.

Creating Connections

  • Connection drives creativity, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge

  • Connection increases efficiency among teams and improves workplace culture

  • Connected employees value the company mission and care about producing their best work

The WorkEQ Difference

  • Proprietary algorithm connects based upon preferences, interests, and location across teams

  • Natural, intelligent relationships formed bring employees together for fun, collaboration, coaching

  • Capture shared interest activities, invite others, share top priorities for the week

See how WorkEQ can help connect people to build a strong culture of engagement and performance.

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