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Make Desk Booking part of your overall hybrid work experience

Know who will be in the office, reserve a desk in advance, and plan the workday more efficiently

WorkEQ offers a comprehensive experience for employees coming to the office including:

  • Hybrid work management
  • Sharing of in-office plans
  • Desk booking
  • Mentoring / coaching


Schedule a consultation

See who is going in


And book a desk


Better visibility and tracking to improve engagement

As an HR Administrator responsible for your hybrid work program, you can see who is going to be in the office and when, look at trends, take corrective action

As a Manager or a Team Lead, you can see when your team members are going to be in the office and make informed decisions about planning team events and keeping your team engaged

As a Manager or a Project Leader, you can ensure that the right people are available for in person interactions to ensure productivity


Manage spaces with ease

As Head of Facilities or Operations, you can see how the current space is being utilized across hot desks, shared spaces and dedicated offices

Understand trends to inform future space configurations like “How many hot desks do I need?” or “How much shared space do I need?”

This data also informs parking needs and the need for reserving parking spaces

Desk booking is a breeze to set up with WorkEQ

workeq savings

Cost effective

Leverage existing resources like Outlook and Google Calendar rather than investing in a completely new system.

workeq home optimize reduce hr burden

Quick to implement

Go live in days or a couple of weeks instead of months.

workeq one tool

One tool to do it all

Consolidate multiple HR applications into a single system with a unified employee experience.

Meet with a WorkEQ expert and sign up for a trial subscription

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See how WorkEQ can help create a grass roots mentoring program for your organization

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