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Protecting 5,000 students, staff, and visitors in Year Up’s locations


Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education. They work with 4,000 students annually at over 30 campuses across the U.S. To safely keep these operations up and running throughout COVID waves, Year Up needed a digital platform to automate their health and safety policies. Find out how ReturnSafe’s tools are helping Year Up protect 5,000 employees, students, and visitors.



Year Up




Year Up needed a sophisticated health safety tool

Year Up is non-profit which provides a tuition free job training program for young adults. Their work is essential to the future development of their students. Amidst the pandemic, they needed to continue to provide these essential services for the community while keeping employees, students, and visitors safe from infection.

Initially, Year Up was using spreadsheets and surveys to manage on-site safety and switched to ProtectWell, a free digital health screening tool to help automate and scale their processes. However, when it was announced that ProtectWell would be turning off their services at the end of 2021, the non-profit needed to find a new solution to safely manage their in-person enrichment programs.

Year Up needed a sophisticated health safety tool that enabled them to adapt as safety guidelines changed.


The organization needed help tracking vaccine and testing information

Year Up’s HR team explored a few solutions. They found ReturnSafe through Gartner, a technological research and consulting firm. Meghan Young, the program administrator felt confident given our functionalities that our tool would best meet their requirements. Once they had decided on ReturnSafe, they then got approval from their HR, IT, Legal, and Program departments as well as their COO to make the change to ReturnSafe.

In addition to health screening, as vaccines and testing became standard practice, the organization needed help tracking this information to mitigate risk at their locations. Year Up had put a mandatory vaccine policy in place to be effective January 1st, 2022, for staff and students.


Year Up can easily track compliance with their safety policy

Year Up did their first rollout of ReturnSafe in November in advance of their January vaccination policy to begin collecting information. ReturnSafe allows Year Up to easily track compliance with their safety policy. At this time, they have deployed the solution to 5,000 employees, visitors, and students.

With multiple locations and thousands of users, Year Up needs several administrators with varying access to the Command Center Portal to ensure safe operations at each of their locations. Their team has fully deployed vaccine and exemption tracking and will soon be utilizing test tracking tools as well. Additionally, they are using ReturnSafe’s vaccine validation services to ensure proof of vaccination has been submitted. Their HR team reviews the exemption documents through the ReturnSafe Command Center.

They have also chosen to use ReturnSafe Reader (RS Reader), a companion app that organizations can use in conjunction with a QR code on the ReturnSafe App to help manage and monitor entry flows and capacity. In Year Up’s case the companion allows them to ensure only healthy students, employees, and visitors are coming to their locations.

Overall the health and safety platform allows Year Up to maintain their programs and effectively nurture their students so they can build successful careers.

What's Next

Continued need for a digital solution

Year Up knows that they will need ReturnSafe until they reach a reliable and steady state with COVID where they are not navigating changes every few weeks.

As with many other education institutions Year Up needs a digital solution to keep their community of students, staff, and visitors safe.


“ReturnSafe’s functionality stood out to us. We felt that ReturnSafe would best meet the needs of our organization to maintain safe and healthy operations for students and staff.”

Meghan Young
Director of National Strategic Projects | Year Up

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