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Motus: Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing Amidst Shifts in the Pandemic


Motus is a leading provider of reimbursement software. Pre-COVID their office was a destination for employees and their operations have shifted immensely since the onset of the pandemic. Their People Operations team is consistently adapting to the changing needs of the workforce. Jessica Chronchio (Director, People Operations) and Megan Muzilla (People Operations Coordinator) spoke with us about how employee wellbeing is at the core of their work and what they’ve been doing to maintain a healthy, flexible, and productive workplace.

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Employee Wellbeing was Essential

Employee wellbeing was essential for Motus’s People Operations team. After surveying employees in May 2020, they found that a majority appreciated the flexibility of remote work. Motus then made the decision to continue a permanent primarily remote working arrangement.

Though they saw that employees were satisfied with this new working model, they also needed a safe way to bring people together to foster collaboration through events and meetups. After rolling out their COVID safety policy in January, they wanted to have a system to keep track of employee compliance. Additionally, they needed to manage shifting state, federal, and local COVID regulations for workers who needed to report to the office or were federal contractors.

Motus’s People Operations team knew that when they decided to track vaccination status, they wanted a digital, scalable platform that respected employee privacy.


A simple, easy to use solution 

Motus’s team explored a few other solutions before deciding on ReturnSafe. Their Chief Legal Officer saw us mentioned on a legal forum and passed along the information to People Operations after reading positive reviews from other customers.

They chose our platform because it was a simple, easy to use solution built to help them protect employees from COVID. As Jessica Chronchio, the People Operations Leader at Motus, noted “We really appreciated that ReturnSafe was customizable, straightforward, and easy to roll out to employees.”


Creating a healthy, safe, and collaborative work environment 

Motus rolled out their solution in January 2022 to track employee vaccination status and testing status when needed. The platform has allowed them to manage safe work meetups. Employees can easily upload their test status and receive a green entry pass prior to attending an event to ensure safety. They appreciate that we have a secure platform that respects employee’s personal data in a private workspace with a policy to protect their information.

Motus is excited to use ReturnSafe’s platform to continue to create a healthy, safe, and collaborative work environment.

What's Next

Ready to evolve as the needs of employees shift 

The People Operations team at Motus are staying in line with the workplace shifts of the pandemic. They are ready to evolve as the needs of employees shift to ensure a healthy and productive work environment.

“We want to be a best-in-class remote organization,” said Jessica Chronchio. They are excited about ReturnSafe’s new features and look forward to continuing to employ our platform to keep their workforce safe.


“We really appreciated that ReturnSafe was customizable, straightforward, and easy to roll out to employees.”

Jessica Chronchio
Director, People Operations | Motus

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