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How Madonna University Safely Returned to Campus


Universities across the country were faced with an unprecedented challenge heading into the 2020-2021 academic year. How would they bring students, faculty and staff back to campus in a safe, secure way while managing the risk of COVID-19? Unlike other industries, there was a very defined time pressure on these institutions to find a solution quickly. Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan began working on a return to campus plan in the midst of the pandemic last summer and quickly realized that they needed a technology partner to make the safe return to on-campus learning possible.



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Quickly mitigating an outbreak is key to avoiding widespread infection

"Over the summer we saw the devastating impact of COVID-19 and recognized that we would need to find a solution that our students, staff, and faculty could use on a daily basis in order to bring everyone back safely,” said John Montgomery, Chief Information Technology Officer at Madonna University. The specific challenge of managing an infectious disease on a college campus is that due to the close quarters of the community, quickly mitigating a potential outbreak is key to avoiding widespread infection.


Assure students it was safe to remain on campus throughout the year

With a community of about 2,400 people, Madonna University decided to implement ReturnSafe’s health screening and contact tracing solution to not only give everyone the reassurance that it was safe returning to campus, but that it would also be safe remaining on campus throughout the academic year. Through ReturnSafe’s automated daily health screening process, everyone receives a daily reminder to complete the health survey to alert the administration if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or whether they have been exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus. And in the event that someone does experience symptoms or tests positive, the app advises them on next steps they should take, i.e. isolate and/or get tested. Administrators can see who has tested positive and begin contact tracing to help Madonna University’s Chief Health Officer notify those who were potentially exposed as fast as possible.


Safe return to in-person learning

Having rolled out ReturnSafe’s infectious disease platform, Madonna University was able to bring students, faculty, and staff back to campus. Our end-to-end solution is helping to mitigate the spread of the disease by enabling the team to respond to potential outbreaks as fast as possible. Via daily health screenings, contact tracing procedures, and additional sanitization measures, Madonna University has returned to in person learning.


“ReturnSafe is a simple health screening and contact tracing solution that gives us the reassurance needed in order to keep our doors open and our community safe. With ReturnSafe, we’re able to quickly identify those who have been potentially exposed to the virus and, in turn, those with whom they have been in contact. We have a university community of 2,400 students, faculty, and staff who come to campus regularly, so it’s critical to be able to identify potential risk areas and respond rapidly to minimize the risk of an outbreak.”

John Montgomery
Chief Information Technology Officer | Madonna University

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