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How Kroll Keeps Their Global Workforce Safe Amidst COVID-19


Kroll, the leading provider of valuation, governance, risk, and transparency solutions, has about 5,000 employees in 30 countries. When the pandemic started, they had to transition all employees to a remote work environment. To safely bring employees back to the workplace, Kroll’s Human Capital Team had to ensure they had a 360 view of health status across all of their offices to protect their employees and maintain safe operations. As they began reopening their offices worldwide, they needed a scalable and customizable return to work technology.





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Managing a global workforce amidst a pandemic

Managing a global workforce amidst a pandemic presented new challenges for Kroll’s Human Capital Team. COVID-19 regulations varied based on location. For example, in the People’s Republic of China, Kroll was mandated to reopen their offices. In other parts of the world, they have reopened and then had to close. Overall, Kroll has taken a measured approach and has begun reopening in areas where vaccines have become more available or new cases appear to be decreasing.

As the Kroll offices that have started to reopen, employees have been coming in based on their preferences and work needs. With an increasing number of employees returning to the office, the company needed to begin tracking employee health and vaccination status in order to develop and enforce protocols to maintain a safe work environment.


Easy to use, customizable solution for global offices

At the beginning of April 2021, Kroll began to realize they would need automated safety tools to protect employees across all of their locations. As Kroll evaluated return to work solutions, many of the platforms were unnecessarily complex for administrators. Kroll needed an easy-to-use solution that could be customized for use in the U.S. as well as their other global offices.


Rolling out ReturnSafe

As of August 2021, Kroll has rolled out ReturnSafe in their US and UK offices. Currently, about 1,000 people are using the app.

Although Kroll has not reopened their India offices, the ReturnSafe app allowed them to renew their insurance benefits program for India employees under a tight deadline. Kroll has about 600 employees in India and the health insurance company provided a two-week notice requesting the vaccination status of all employees. Fortunately, Kroll was able to provide ReturnSafe to their India employees to log only their vaccine information. With vaccine tracking, Kroll was able to easily store and export employee vaccine information in time to meet the insurance company’s deadline.

What's Next

Preparing to expand ReturnSafe coverage to other global locations

Kroll is preparing to roll out ReturnSafe in their Middle Eastern and Canadian offices. Following this, they will consider expanding coverage to the rest of their global locations in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of Europe.

A majority of Kroll’s offices are operating at 25%-50% capacity in person. They are continually evaluating the global pandemic as well as vaccine availability and updating their return to work plans with employee and community health at the forefront of their strategy. They will continue to use ReturnSafe as they evaluate and maintain global safety measures on an ongoing basis.


“ReturnSafe was the only tool we could find that gave us everything we needed for screening and vaccination status, and was very customizable to help us with all of our US and global locations.”

Scott Oblow
Chief Human Resources Officer | Kroll

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