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How IPS is Safeguarding Employee Vaccine Records


IPS started out with about 850 employees on ReturnSafe’s platform and has now rolled out the solution to 1150 employees across the globe. They chose to partner with ReturnSafe, a purpose built platform, to keep their employee health records secure and meet the onsite safety requirements of their clients.



IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC


Technical Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing


Needed to keep employee records secure

Administrators are faced with many different safety requirements from the city, county, state, and federal government. Managing screening and contact tracing data via spreadsheets is not a scalable option for schools.

IPS provides integrated project services, including engineering, construction management and CQV services, onsite at different client locations. When the pandemic first started, IPS implemented a daily wellness survey to ensure only healthy employees were returning to work. However, their requirements changed this summer, as many of their clients started reopening their offices and establishing vaccination requirements and other safety criteria for being on site.

To comply with these new requirements, IPS needed to know the vaccination status of employees to identify when and where they could be deployed to their clients. They were aware that asking for employee health records was personal confidential medical information and needed to be stored on a secure database.

As Linda Ferreira, HRIS & Compensation Manager who has been with IPS since before the pandemic noted, “We recognized that we needed a specialized tool when storing sensitive personal information. We felt confident ReturnSafe met our requirements to keep employee records secure.”


Affordable, confidential, and easy to use

IPS’s HR team explored many solutions including competitors and the big ERP providers. What made ReturnSafe stand out for the IPS team? They appreciated that ReturnSafe was a standalone solution separate from a pre-existing HRMS.

Beyond meeting the standalone requirement, the HR team appreciated that the solution was affordable, confidential, and easy to use, their key evaluation criteria. For these reasons, their Executive Committee, including the Chief HR Officer, legal, and other Senior Executives, approved ReturnSafe’s solution.


Seamless experience for employees

The IPS team is currently using ReturnSafe’s platform to monitor employee vaccination status so their team knows who can be deployed to their client base. They have rolled out the solution in Canada, Europe, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, and Germany. Their HR team has limited the administrators who can access this information to keep the information secure and confidential.

They are validating vaccine information with an internal process. ReturnSafe’s platform provides administrators with tools to support and track the validation process. They are also utilizing ReturnSafe to track and manage employee testing status to meet the 7 day weekly testing requirements. Within our platform they can identify employees who are unvaccinated and view their testing status.

IPS is an SSO (Single Sign-On) client and appreciates the seamless experience for their employees. Upon deploying ReturnSafe, IPS found some employees were hesitant to download an app on their phone to provide COVID-19 safety information. The team appreciated that ReturnSafe allows employees the option to use a desktop or mobile app.

As they continue to navigate the pandemic, IPS is happy that ReturnSafe has been flexible, continues to iterate on the solution, and that our Customer Success team is responsive to their needs. The HR team is confident they can meet the COVID-19 mandates and satisfy client health safety requirements.

What's Next

Prepared for future mandates

Although the OSHA COVID-19 ETS was not the primary driver that brought IPS to ReturnSafe, they feel well-prepared to meet the requirements of the vaccine or test mandates with our solution up and running.

As COVID-19 evolves, there is still uncertainty about what will be required in the future. HR is keeping an eye out for requirements involving boosters and waiting to see if OSHA or other new state, local, and federal mandates arise.


“We recognized that we need a specialized tool when storing sensitive personal information. We felt confident ReturnSafe met our requirements and kept employee records secure.”

Linda Ferreira
HRIS & Compensation Manager | IPS

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