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How Flynn Group of Companies Maintains Safe Operations


With 35 offices across the United States and Canada, Flynn Group of Companies (Flynn) is the leading commercial roofing, glazing, & cladding contractor in North America. They provide a complete solution for all types of building exterior needs to support critical infrastructure such as essential construction, maintenance, and urgent repairs. Their services are required to maintain institutional, commercial, and industrial properties including many hospitals, medical equipment, and distribution facilities. As an essential construction business as defined by many of the jurisdictions in which it operates, Flynn remained open through most of even the strictest lockdowns.

Flynn’s first priority was to protect employees and customers at each of their locations. With large branches in Toronto, Kansas City, Vancouver, and elsewhere across North America, they have over 6,500 employees. Screening employees with ReturnSafe’s user-friendly tools has allowed them to keep their workforce safe and doors open.



Flynn Group of Companies


Essential Business, Building Construction and Maintenance


Database management issues

Flynn Group of Companies needed a solution that could easily generate and store employee screening reports. Previously, they were using surveys linked to a QR code for entry at their various locations. The system met their temporary needs but generated several database issues. Unlike ReturnSafe’s platform, the survey responses were not automatically stored in a secure database for administrators to view responses.

The only way to download screening information with their previous solution was to transfer large loads of survey data to Google Sheets. In order to consolidate information for reports, they had to move their data from Google Sheets to Excel. Transferring information across these systems required weekly administrative maintenance to provide meaningful compliance data.

On top of this, their organization also had to dedicate time to rebuilding reports when their databases crashed. The company was spending a lot of administrative time managing the thousands of responses from the surveys coming from their large branches. Flynn’s primary obstacle was that the solution could not be employed at scale to solve their infectious disease management needs.

Their IT department needed a platform that made it easy for employees to complete the screening and provide compliance reporting for state and local public health officials at their locations. Alan Zych, Vice President of Information Technology, felt there was a more efficient way to manage this process and started looking for a more scalable and reliable solution.


Easy to use risk management platform

Flynn’s previous screening solution was homegrown and difficult to maintain. With the uncertainty of how long the pandemic would last, they wanted a solution that allowed them to stay ahead of changing safety regulations and keep employees safe.

By choosing ReturnSafe, Flynn can now seamlessly export employee health data and generate compliance reports. Additionally, they integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) which pulls in location and department and makes it easy to zero in on different locations to manage risk across the organization.


No outbreaks leading to shut downs

With ReturnSafe, Flynn’s compliance reporting process is much easier. Screening employees for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can now be done in seconds using the app. Administrators can view employee health status on the Screening Dashboard and take immediate action to prevent outbreaks. Since using ReturnSafe, Flynn has not had to shut down any location due to an outbreak.

“Reporting is so much easier with ReturnSafe1 Integration with Single Sign On (SSO) allows us to zero in on locations and departments."

Alan Zych

Vice President, Information Technology | Flynn Group

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