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Simplify Crisis Communications

Quickly reach the people you need to with our employee emergency notification system.  Text, email, or push notification - you choose the right method to reach your team.

Mass Notification System for a Hybrid World

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Quickly Identify Impacted Employees and Activate Contingency Plans

In just a few clicks, you can reach your people quickly to inform them of contingency plans and check on their status.   

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Easy to Use HR Dashboard

No training required, get up and running in a day and be prepared to communicate en mass or to individual employees.  

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HIPAA Compliant for Privacy

WorkEQ is HIPAA compliant and has SOC-2 Type-2 Certification to ensure security and privacy.  

Take Action in Real Time

Reach impacted people quickly to protect them and reduce risk.  

  • Easily identify who is potentially impacted
  • Reliable communications system ready to use when needed.  
  • Create and send mass and individual notifications
  • Built-in templates make it easy for quick communications
  • Integrates with your employee roster for ease of use
  • Executive dashboards to help leadership understand the impact of the crisis situation - people impacted, their needs, action plans and status.  


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Situational Awareness

With our hybrid work dashboard, employers can see where employees are located relative to the crises at hand. 


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Two-Way Communications

Through the app, employees can report their safety status and working arrangements in just a few quick clicks. Our easy to use mobile app engages employees, and improves communication within teams and throughout the company. 

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Employee Safety & Risk Monitoring

According to OSHA's General Duty Clause, employers are required to create a healthy work environment. Whether it is COVID variant surges, Monkeypox or a hurricane, we can help you keep your organization compliant with evolving safety standards.




Business value of WorkEQ

According to studies:

  • 88% of executives worldwide see organizational resilience as a priority
  • 80% believe it is required for long-term growth. 
Build organizational resilience by streamlining your crisis response and risk mitigation program. How? Our mass notification system empowers HR to take action in real time to identify and communicate with employees amidst a crisis.


Minimal business disruption


Compliance with regulations


Improved productivity

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