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A grassroots approach to Coaching and Mentorship. 

WorkEQ's mobile app connects employees to coaches and mentors in a simple and straight forward way. Build and sustain preference-based relationships - with no overhead. Reduce administrative effort through automation. Learn more from our experts.


Foster. Develop. Grow.

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Easy to enroll and manage with prompts, reminders, and connections.

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Improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

Measure the success of your coaching program, and know when to adjust.

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Dashboards to track mentoring program


Track the growth in employee connections

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Measure success, use insights to improve

Mentoring & Coaching Dashboard

Empower, connect, and engage employees with tools that drive the best outcomes for everyone.

Mentorship Struggles

  • Mentorship programs are an important part of employee retention and DEI, but there is a struggle to implement

  • Employees want  to get promoted, advance in their careers, improve their salary

  • Connecting mentees with appropriate mentors is a challenge to manage at scale

  • Difficulty building momentum and relationships for sustainable, productive interactions

  • Measuring success of mentor relationships, overall program, and knowing when to make adjustments

  • Employees don't want to feel like mentor relationships are "forced"

The WorkEQ Solution

  • By providing a comprehensive end-to-end employee experience that is focused the needs of the workforce post-pandemic

  • The experience aggregates other related functions like connecting and engaging with coworkers into a single unified experience

  • Digital-first experience while still being inclusive to meet the needs of a non-digital workforce

  • Recognizes that employees may be remote, hybrid and that the arrangement is dynamic (e.g., the engagement between mentor-mentee comprehends both in-person and virtual)

  • Meets the needs of a multi-generational workforce (i.e., the needs of baby boomers are very different from millennials and Gen Z)

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See how WorkEQ can help create a grass roots mentoring program for your organization

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