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Why Your Business Needs a Contact Tracing Application

Mandira Venkat Aug 20, 2020 12:00:00 AM
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OSHA and the CDC have published significant guidance on the importance of preventing and reducing COVID-19 transmission among employees. In order to re-open successfully, appropriate measures must be taken by businesses to limit the chance of a COVID-19 outbreak at their facility. Having a contact tracing application in use amongst your workforce is a great place to start when setting up a return to work plan. A contact tracing application has the power to automatically notify management who an infected person has come into contact with, thereby stopping COVID-19 transmission in its tracks if measures are taken immediately after someone tests positive. 

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What is a Contact Tracing Application?

A contact tracing application creates a system for collecting information on who is coming into contact with whom throughout the workday. Via Bluetooth tracking, a contact tracing application records when employees spend significant amounts of time in the presence of their coworkers. And if someone tests positive, the app will advise those who came into contact with the infected person to isolate and get tested.  

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Without a contact tracing solution preparing you for the scenario when someone tests positive, the safety of your employees is in jeopardy. Moreover, without a plan to mitigate a potential outbreak via a contact tracing solution, your business is exposed to unnecessary risk. 

Why isn’t manual contact tracing enough? 

For many businesses, it is not practical to have someone manually tracking employee behavior and monitoring who comes into contact with whom. Our contact tracing application has the ability to let employees know if they are maintaining 6 feet of social distance via an alert throughout the day, taking it yet another step further in preventing transmission. The application stores data on test results as well as daily health status, and daily interactions to track when symptoms began and which colleagues may be at risk of further transmission–all automatically.

Best practices: 

  1. Complies with OSHA, CDC, state and local guidelines and regulations
  2. Mitigates risk
  3. Responds quickly to contain outbreaks
  4. Sustainable, scalable, and data-driven
  5. Simple to implement and for employees to use

With a contact tracing application your leadership will be able to identify, monitor, and respond to viral threats in your workplace. Manual contact tracing is not enough to ensure a timely response to potential outbreaks. 

Contact tracing apps give employees peace of mind


To maintain a positive and productive work environment, your employees need to feel confident that they are safe coming back to work. Contact tracing apps empower employees to monitor and track their own movements and behavior, putting them at ease that they and their coworkers are only working with healthy people. 

To find out how you can implement a contact tracing application at your organization book a demo to learn more about ReturnSafe!

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