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Monica Ma Dec 21, 2020 12:33:00 PM
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With fast and easy deployment, vaccine Fast Pass increases vaccine adoption and streamlines workplace access.

WorkEQ, a mission-driven BioSecurity company focused on workplace health safety, announced today the launch of a new vaccine management solution that helps businesses and organizations manage workplace immunity, enabling a safe reopening during the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the broad availability of vaccinations on the horizon, there is a new challenge of how to manage a hybrid population in the workplace where some employees will be vaccinated and some will have vaccine hesitancy, perhaps even for the next year to two years. A solution to help manage these diverse populations is critical,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, founder and chief executive officer at WorkEQ. “Our Vaccine Management solution can be deployed in less than 10 minutes and at the fraction of the cost of some of the larger enterprise solutions, giving small, medium, and large businesses the same access to an essential tool to maintain business continuity. This is just one more way that employers can demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe and healthy place for their employees and customers.” 

app screener and vaccinevaccine tracking portal

The WorkEQ Platform offers organizations an end to end solution that slows the spread of infectious diseases by implementing critical daily health screening with a symptoms diary and recommendations governed by HR policies; testing data management for quick notification of a positive test, and Bluetooth contact-tracing via smartphone and hardware wearables at the workplace including a built-in social distancing alarm.


With one F.D.A. approved COVID-19 vaccination and two more coming soon, WorkEQ’s vaccine management tool enables employers to manage workplace immunity by tracking type and date. Employees will provide details from CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards that seamlessly integrate into the ReturnSafe Portal, providing a “fast pass” to returning to the workplace while keeping safety and privacy a priority. By providing real-time insights and metrics on vaccine adoption amongst the workforce, employers can identify when workplace vaccination advocacy campaigns need to be implemented, a key program to successfully achieving herd immunity. 

WorkEQ supports more than 50 businesses including Spurs Sports & Entertainment, Pennrose, South Texas College of Law Houston, Madonna University, and many more in various industries including health and senior care organizations, educational institutions, sports and entertainment event venues, non-profits, hospitality, manufacturing, law, real estate, financial services and more, protecting more than 20,000 employees throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Visit our COVID Solution page to learn more.