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The latest workforce insights, HR news, and product updates for a healthier and more productive world of work.

Introducing the Director of Future of Work: Your Org's Secret Weapon

New challenges demand dedicated leadership to drive innovation and positive change. Recent examples include Director of Digital Transformation, Chief Diversity Officer, and..

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Announcing Rollout of Hybrid Work Experience Platform

ReturnSafe is now WorkEQ. If you're interested in learning more about our company's story and brand, read the blog linked here. Today we are announcing the expansion of our..

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How HR Leaders Are Redefining The Hybrid Work Environment

Since publishing this blog ReturnSafe has become WorkEQ. Click here to learn more our solution which provides digital tools that help employees maintain a work life balance. When..

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Empower Your Hybrid Workplace With 6 Simple Steps

Creating the right hybrid workplace for your organization is a delicate balance between retaining employees, driving revenue, and staying compliant with shifting regulations and..

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