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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – May 26, 2021

Mandira Venkat May 26, 2021 12:00:00 AM
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ReturnSafe Updated Guidance

The change in guidelines for fully vaccinated people is a welcome relief for many, but it creates new challenges for employers. Employers must now keep track of vaccination status in order to establish safety protocols. To help navigate these changes, we put together steps employers can take to manage a mixed immunity workforce.

4 steps to manage a mixed immunity workplace

  1. Stay ahead of local, state, and federal guidelines
  2. Know the vaccination status of your employees.
  3. Update your safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.
  4. Stay in tune with the COVID-19 risk status in your community

Updated Safety Protocols for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Employees at the Workplace

Employees who have been fully vaccinated will return to a new normal.

Before updating safety protocols employers must review their state and local guidelines. This guidance may differ from the CDC or ReturnSafe guidance. We are happy to customize our solution based on local requirements.

The New CDC Guidance
Under the new CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to do the following:

  • Wear a mask indoors or outside
  • Practice social distancing

ReturnSafe’s Guidance
We agree with CDC guidance that fully vaccinated individuals no longer must wear a mask or practice social distancing at the workplace.

Q: What if fully vaccinated employees are symptomatic?
A: Breakthrough cases have happened and could spread the virus at the workplace. If fully vaccinated employees have symptoms, we recommend they work from home, complete the health screener, and get tested for COVID-19. If they test positive, administrators should follow the case management isolation workflow.

Q: What if fully vaccinated employees are exposed to COVID-19?
A: Fully vaccinated employees who are exposed to COVID-19 do not have to quarantine unless they are symptomatic

Unvaccinated employees should continue following safety measures.

Employees who are not vaccinated or are not yet fully vaccinated must continue to screen, test, isolate, and quarantine per CDC, state, and local guidance.

ReturnSafe Guidance
We recommend employers establish the following safety protocols for unvaccinated employees.

  • Daily screening prior to entering the facility
  • A testing program, testing frequency depends on local COVID-19 infection rates and the organization’s outbreak risk tolerance
  • Administrators should go through the case management workflow for anyone who is symptomatic and/or tests positive for COVID-19



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