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ReturnSafe Joins ADP Marketplace to help Businesses Return to Work

Margaret Rimmler Jul 15, 2020 12:00:00 AM
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ReturnSafe is now a Referral Partner on ADP Marketplace to help businesses return to the workplace safely with tools to prevent and rapidly respond to COVID-19 outbreaks.



ReturnSafe is the leading digital infectious disease management platform and allows employers to complete all their COVID-19 tasks in one place. The ReturnSafe Command Center incorporates screening, testing, contact tracing, case management, and vaccine management. The holistic portal gives  HR and Risk Managers a 360 degree view of employee health status in real time and stores the data securely so employers are able to comply with local, state, and federal safety guidelines.

As a Referral Partner, ReturnSafe is now available on ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront offering ADP® clients a curated set of partners that complement and extend the value of their ADP products. With ReturnSafe, ADP clients can leverage their existing investments in ADP Payroll and Workforce Management solutions to seamlessly and securely configure their organizational structure in ReturnSafe and maintain an up-to-date view as employees are hired, leave, or change departments. 

“COVID-19 has established the need for every industry to address return to work safety protocols.  By offering our solution on ADP Marketplace, we made it simple for our mutual clients to setup and configure their org structure within ReturnSafe, eliminating manual employee data maintenance at initial setup and over time.  Our joint solution provides employees and HR with the tools to ensure their workplace stays safe and that they can quickly respond to keep it that way,” says Tarun Nimmagadda, CEO of ReturnSafe. 

ReturnSafe helps businesses, schools, and large venues:

  • Comply with local, state, and federal mandates to lower the risk of an outbreak
  • Avoid the cost of business disruption due to COVID-19 outbreaks mandating shutdowns 
  • Lower health care costs  with proactive outbreak prevention tools  
  • Increase employee, visitor, and student confidence in returning to physical spaces and community gatherings

HR has the tools to rapidly respond and  prevent outbreaks
With the ReturnSafe Command Center employers have access to:

  • A daily screener that inquires about symptoms, exposure, and travel to ensure only people meeting the return to work criteria enter the building.Daily Health Screening
  • A test data management dashboard where employers’ external testing providers directly upload employee test results. Administrators can take immediate action when there is a positive test result. COVID-19 test management
  • High-resolution contact-tracing leveraging wearable devices, one of the most needed solutions in active environments as well as manual contact logging through the phone app.  Contact Tracing
  • Case management to track workflow and communications for employees in isolation and quarantine, eliminating manual spreadsheets which are error prone and hard to manage.
  • COVID-19 Case Management
  • Vaccine Management to help employers keep  track  of employee vaccination status and manage a mixed-immunity workforce. This feature also allows employers to gauge employee sentiment surveys towards getting vaccinated.COVID-19 vaccine management

ReturnSafe is on a mission to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases at workplaces, schools, and large events. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution helps keep everyone safe and maintain business continuity.  In just six short months, ReturnSafe has amassed more than 60 customers – including Sesame Workshop, San Antonio Spurs, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and many universities and schools – and protected the lives of more than 50,000 employees and stakeholders.

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