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ReturnSafe is now WorkEQ

Mandira Venkat Sep 2, 2022 10:08:35 AM
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Many companies are moving to flexible, hybrid work models to retain employees and attract a wider pool of talent. Amidst this shift, how will companies empower every employee to have a work-life balance that makes them happy, healthy, and productive? To cultivate employee connections and collaboration at the workplace, we decided to expand our solution to help employees, managers, and HR proactively manage the hybrid experience. 

Our Story

ReturnSafe was founded in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic to help companies navigate the new normal and employees return to a healthy, safe workplace. The return to the office has now evolved to include hybrid working arrangements that employees want. As the future of work continues to evolve our current solution is expanding to empower and engage employees with tools that drive the best outcomes for them and their business, That is why today, we are officially announcing that our new name is WorkEQ, with a new set of expanded capabilities that help organizations coordinate schedules, foster engagement, and promote workplace wellbeing.

“With our new name, we are evolving into our next stage as a company to once again help companies navigate fundamental changes to the way we work,” said ReturnSafe’s CEO Jikku Venkat. “It is a natural progression, as we see employee needs change and demand flexibility that includes a new focus on work-life balance. At the same time employers are scratching their heads and wondering, how can we maintain a productive and collaborative culture while creating flexible work arrangements? They need to be flexible to attract top talent, but facilitating engagement across in-person and remote work is a puzzle. Our purpose is to help our clients gain the insights to put these pieces together for their organization.”

“We are helping companies stay competitive in today’s hiring market. As we iterate on the product, this is our goal: to create a happy and productive workplace while alleviating administrative pains of managers, HR leaders, and Operations  teams,” said our VP of Product, Kurt Monnier. 

“Many of our customers are excited about this next step for ReturnSafe,” said Director of Customer Success, Jess Galenski. “We have been helping our customers return to the workplace safely for the last two years. The HR leaders we work closely with are always relieved when we can help them streamline their current program to create a healthy and connected environment. This is just the next step forward.”

Our New Platform

There are three main solution areas for our digital tools:

  1. Hybrid work orchestration gives human resources, business managers, and employees the tools to orchestrate working arrangements to increase quality collaborative time in the office and empowers employees to maintain a flexible and productive work-life balance.  
  2. Foster employee engagement by factoring in priorities, locations, and interests from a proprietary algorithm. 
  3. Maintain employee well-being, specifically in the presence of health and other unforeseen crises. 

Our team is very excited to continue helping organizations drive success and build resilience with tools to keep operations running smoothly at the office. As we take this next step, we are sticking to core values of authenticity, accountability, and trust. 

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