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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – September 23, 2021

Mandira Venkat Sep 23, 2021 12:00:00 AM
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News and Updates

President Biden has ordered OSHA to create a new standard that requires businesses with more than 100 employees mandate vaccines or implement weekly testing for their employees. Managing this new rule at scale has now become HR’s top priority.

ReturnSafe provides administrators with all the tools they need to comply with the new requirements while securing employee health data.

Tools to Comply with Federal Requirements

With our vaccine and test tracking solution, administrators can monitor employee compliance with President Biden’s vaccine or test order.

Bidens Order Flow

Did you know?

Entry Logging is now available

What is Entry Logging?

With the ReturnSafe Reader App, employees can easily scan their Health Pass at the office entry kiosk. The new feature gives administrators a building entry time and attendance log and ensures all on-site employees meet safety criteria.
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Entry Logging

You Can Add and Notify Contacts in Case Manager

Within Case Manager, administrators can see and add contacts of positive cases and send them notifications directly from the Command Center. Case Manager Contact Notification

About our new testing partnership

ReturnSafe has partnered with Meenta to give easy access to testing

We have partnered with Meenta, the leading testing marketplace provider to make it easy for employees to access COVID-19 testing. Employees can easily upload their test results through the ReturnSafe app.
Lucira Check IT Rapid PCR Test
QUIDEL Quickview Antigen Test
BINAXNOW Rapid Antigen Test

Customer Stories

Kroll Header

How Kroll keeps their global workforce safe amidst COVID-19

As Kroll began reopening offices worldwide, they needed a scalable and customizable return to work technology to protect their employees.
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