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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – February 10, 2022

Mandira Venkat Feb 10, 2022 12:00:00 AM
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News and Updates

Now is the time for businesses to put together a COVID-19 safety program. With the case surge due to Omicron, employers know to prepare for the unexpected highs and lows as they continue to navigate the virus. Many large companies have already set a plan in place to avoid further business disruption. Some companies are choosing to mandate the vaccine and boosters while others are only investing in testing. Whichever path you choose, HR will need support to manage these policies at scale.

On January 13th, the Supreme Court ruled to block OSHA’s ETS for more than 100 employers. Although businesses do not have to follow the ETS, they are still required by OSHA to maintain a safe workplace for all employees. Representatives from OSHA have already stated that they will exercise their full authority to ensure workers are protected.



OSHA ETS Update: What Final Ruling Means for Businesses in 2022

The Supreme Court has officially voted against OSHA’s ETS proposal. So what does this mean for business owners in 2022?
Learn how the OSHA update impacts your business.

covid vaccine or test policy 400 X 267 px

COVID-19 Vaccine or Test Policy Template

This resource is ready to use for HR leaders who need help educating their employees on their new safety policy.
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Did you know?

Employers can add vaccination status on behalf of an employee

If an employee is unable to add their own vaccination status or presents their status to you in person, admins can add their vaccination status in the People tab on their behalf. Just find the employee in the portal, and select “Update Vaccination” from the triple-dot menu (seen below). Results are updated and can be filtered in real time.


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