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Return to Work Newsletter – August 17, 2022

Mandira Venkat Aug 17, 2022 12:00:00 AM
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News and Updates

Leaders are looking for a solution that provides effective, flexible working arrangements to create conditions for high performance.

ReturnSafe has tools that help socialize and coordinate schedules, foster employee engagement, and maintain a healthy workplace. Scroll down to learn how to optimize the hybrid experience. 

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Follow these Trends to Attract Top Talent

To compete as companies strive to attract top talent, employers will have to adapt in order to safeguard their future success.
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Best Practices and Options for Employee COVID-19 Testing

Learn more about the EEOC's updated testing guidance and best practices for employee COVID testing.
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Make Hybrid Work: A Playbook for Success

Missed our live webinar? No worries you can still replay webinar to find out how you make a successful hybrid experience. Learn how to get hybrid right and outperform competitors in this conversation between experienced human capital strategist, David Hughen and our VP of Product, Kurt Monnier.
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Crisis Communications

Our proactive health and safety program goes beyond managing COVID. Leaders have taken on a new approach to crisis management by communicating with their employees in the most effective and immediate way possible: via text or push notifications. Speak to our Sales team to learn more about this feature or book a demo.

Newsletter August 2022 - Crisis Alerting


Share and View Schedules

Coordinating schedules is much easier now that you can check who will be in the office or working remotely in a given week. Contact us to learn more about creating optimal work-life balance by empowering your employees.

Newsletter August 2022 - Socializing Schedules

Personalized Employee Insights

Coordinating schedules for working lunches, happy hours, and after-work activities is much easier now with a personalized feed to show you who on your team and at your company are open to getting together for collaboration or just socialization. Contact Sales to learn more about fostering natural connections and engagement within and across teams.

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