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Desk Booking Made Easy with WorkEQ

WorkEQ Customer Success Apr 6, 2023 7:50:44 PM
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WorkEQ leverages your existing infrastructure to make it easy for your employees to book a desk before they make their way to the office. From an employee perspective, they can now book a desk as part of a single, unified experience that includes socializing their working arrangements, connecting with like-minded coworkers, and seeking out mentors.  We have heard from so many of our customers that an important leadership objective is to get employees back in the office, engaged with their coworkers, their company and its culture in this post-pandemic world. We believe that offering a comprehensive, singular experience for employees is the best way to achieve this leadership objective, 

There are so many benefits to offering a desk booking solution that is easy to use for your employees and easy to implement for the organization:

Increased Flexibility: Allow your employees to work from different locations within the office, depending on their needs. For instance, if an employee needs a quiet place to work on a project, they can reserve a private desk. Alternatively, if they need to collaborate with colleagues, they can book a desk in a more communal area. This increased flexibility allows employees to work in a way that suits them best, which can lead to improved productivity and better engagement

Improved Space Utilization: Make the most of your office space. By allowing employees to reserve a desk when they need it, your organization can avoid underutilization of space, which can be costly. Additionally, desk booking can help your organization optimize the use of different types of workspaces, such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, and private offices.

Better Collaboration: Promote better collaboration among employees with desk booking. By allowing your employees to reserve a desk in a shared workspace, they can work alongside colleagues from different departments or teams, leading to increased collaboration and cross-functional knowledge-sharing. When employees can use desk booking to coordinate meetings or projects with colleagues, this leads to better teamwork and outcomes.

Increased Employee Satisfaction: Improve your overall employee satisfaction. By giving your employees more control over where and how they work, they can feel more empowered and engaged in their work. Desk booking also alleviates the stress of finding a free desk or workspace, which can improve their overall experience in the office.


Leverage your existing infrastructure: Rather than spending time, money and resources to implement a completely new system for desk booking, you can use your existing infrastructure that already enables your employees to book conference rooms and easily extend this to accommodate desk booking.

Cost Savings: Lastly, desk booking can result in cost savings for your organization. By optimizing space utilization and avoiding underutilization of space, your organization can reduce its real estate costs. Your organization can also avoid the need to provide dedicated desks for each employee, which can be expensive.


To learn more about desk booking with WorkEQ contact us here!