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How Will You Meet The CDC Guidelines For Returning To Work?

Mandira Venkat Sep 2, 2020 12:00:00 AM
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When looking for a reopening solution for your organization, you   should evaluate how it will meet CDC guidelines for returning to work. The key health and safety criterion for such  businesses operating in-person are outlined in the CDC’s ‘Restart Readiness Checklist’. Let’s see how our solution can help you tick those boxes.

CDC Guidelines For Returning To Work

checkMonitor federal, state, and local public health communications about COVID-19

In order to stay ahead of COVID-19, you need access to up to date federal, state, and local COVID-19 information and guidelines.  Our team consistently monitors the CDC’s guidance and updates the screener to optimize employee safety. If you choose a customer screener, you can make regular changes to your screener based on state and local public health communications. 

checkReinforce how employees can protect themselves and others from COVID-19 by communicating: 

checkIf you have symptoms, notify your supervisor and stay home.

checkIf you are sick, follow CDC recommended steps, and do not return to work until you meet criteria to discontinue home isolation.

checkIf you are well, but have someone in your household who has COVID-19, notify your supervisor and follow CDC recommended precautions.

An effective solution educates and empowers employees to monitor and protect themselves. Our daily screening app generates customized employee recommendations daily. Users receive reminders to record symptoms of COVID-19 in a quick and easy-to-use daily screening survey. The screening survey should include questions about employee symptoms, travel, and potential exposure to COVID-19. After completing the screening process the app generates a recommendation to come to work or stay home based on the policies your organization has in place. Employers can fine-tune sick employees’ recommendations to meet their organization’s preferences and align with CDC guidelines for returning to work in their area.

daily screening app

checkPlan for conducting daily in-person or virtual health checks (e.g. symptom and/or health screenings) before employees enter the facility. 

The CDC guidelines for returning to work recommend that organizations implement a daily screening protocol for employees to follow before they enter the workplace. In-person screenings invite workplace exposure to symptomatic employees. Our digital screening solution eliminates this risk by giving people the ability to screen before they leave their house via our mobile app. 

Per the CDC guidance for Business and Employers, our digital health screening questionnaire asks about employees COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.


checkConduct a hazard assessment of the workplace.

checkIdentify potential hazards that might expose workers to COVID-19

We can provide surveillance testing that employers can manage through the test data management feature of our solution. Surveillance testing, allows employees to identify COVID-19 infection hotspots and asymptomatic cases at the workplace.

COVID-19 test management

checkPlan for what to do if an employee is sick at work.

checkImmediately separate employees who appear to have symptoms from others in the workplace.

Employees are able to report symptoms of COVID-19 through our daily health screening app. In the Dashboard, administrators will be able to see who has checked-in and reported symptoms of COVID-19. With our default screener, they can recommend that these employees ‘Stay Home’ or work ‘Work from Home’. With a custom screener, employers can also choose to create a specific recommendation to separate employees at the workplace.

checkDevelop an action plan for suspected/confirmed cases

checkDetermine which employees may have been exposed to the virus and may need to take additional precautions:

checkInform employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, but maintain confidentiality.

In order to effectively combat the pandemic you must have a plan in place to respond to sick employees and/or confirmed COVID-19 cases. This plan must ensure infected employees isolate and potentially exposed employees are contacted. Our Command Center Portal allows you to immediately alert exposed employees while maintaining the infected employee’s confidentiality. Employers can utilize our Case Management feature to keep track of potential, active, and cleared cases and ensure employees receive the appropriate follow-up.

COVID-19 Case Management

Interested in learning more? Book a demo and we can help you create a plan that complies with CDC guidelines for returning to work. See how it works.